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Othello’s Promising Future In The..
By: Date: January 1, 2021 Categories: Technology

The valuable combined qualities of arable land, ample water supply, and favorable climate contribute to the bright potential for our community. More than 60 crops are produced in the Basin. Half the nation’s french fries are made from potatoes grown in the area. Slice into a delicious red apple or savor wine at the tasting…

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The World’s Most Advanced Technology
By: Date: December 15, 2020 Categories: Technology

The city is the future. According to data from the World Health Organization or WHO, two-thirds of all people in the world will live in major cities in less than 35 years. Based on the data, there will be approximately 2.5 billion additional residents that will exist in major cities. The city that will be…

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Administration City Officials
By: Date: November 1, 2020 Categories: Technology

The City of Othello became a non-charter Code City government in January 1989 and operates under the direction of the Mayor and seven Councilmembers, who are elected by the citizens of the City. The City Council holds three regular meetings every month; a Council workshop on the first Monday of every month and the regular…

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